• Edit icon is removed from the flow history grid . Clicking on the Edit icon redirected user to a new flow screen resulting in confusion. User can access the flow definition by clicking on the workflow detail.


The Flow History grid helps users to track status of a configured flow after it has met the flow's trigger condition(s) and can also be used for troubleshooting. The grid appears on the Flows History page which is accessed from the Configured Flows page.

Click "Flows" under the Configuration menu option and by default the Configured Flows page is displayed. Click the Flow History button at the top of the grid.


All flows that have been triggered are list in the Flow History page and are displayed 10 at a time with flow triggered most recently appearing at the top of the list. Use the buttons at the bottom of the page to view older flows.


Using the search tool, flows can be searched by flow name or the Record ID that triggered the flow. The Record ID is listed in the Flow History Grid's Started by Entity Id column.


Besides the name of each flow name, is the overall status. The status are:






Running - flows in the process of executing


Pending - flows waiting to be run



The Status column in the grid, by default gives the status of each step in a flow. Click on the bar to expand and see the name of each step and actions for each step. Click the [View Details] button to see the more details about the flow's actions and steps.


On the Workflow Detail page, access the Configure Flows page for the specific flow by clicking on the organizational tree


icon. On the right hand side of the screen, each flow step is displayed as a bar. Click on the bar to view details about the flow's steps and actions.


Click on [Return to Summary] to return to the Flow History page.

All flows regardless of status will have an ellipsis (3 horizontal dots) button and will show the "View Details" option. This option has the same outcome as clicking the [View Details] button.


For Flows in Pending Status, there is an additional option "Terminate Flow" which when clicked, terminates the flow.


When terminating the flow, the status of the flow changes to Terminated and in the Status Column, a record of a manual termination is displayed when expanding the Status bar.

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