What is a Flow?

Flow is a tool which allows users to automate internal business processes with multiple steps and actions based on logic and certain conditions.

Flows can start at a certain point of time, following the completion of another process or linked to a certain action or event during the application. Flows can include conditional steps so that only the applicable actions are taken depending on the defined logic.

What are the key benefits?

The Flow tool is more powerful and simpler than Business Rules. The tool does not require users to write any code and uses point-and-click to set multiple If/Then conditions and multiple actions in the same process.

Flows also supports multiple versions of the same process including access to deactivated workflow versions for reference. The Flow History Grid gives support in monitoring flows that have executed, pending or terminated.

What actions can flows perform?

What can you do once a flow is set up?

Things to Note

  • Flow tool is only available to the Administrator user group and any User Groups which has access to customization.

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