The Flows Definition screen lists all the configured flows in the system. The screen can be found under the Configuration menu section on the left hand side menu. When the screen is opened, it automatically defaults to the "Configured Flows" tab. To quickly find a flow, use the search box to narrow down the search results.


The Active? Column Header is last of the standard column headers that is set to display on screen. If this is not visible in the grid, change the screen setting to view the additional columns by "zooming out". Click the pencil icon to view/edit the flow record.


On the Edit Flow Definition screen, decide on which version of the flow to make active and click on the pencil icon to view / edit the flow version record.


On the Configure Flow screen, click on the Flow Trigger Event text to view the details including the Active checkbox. Note that the status of the flow is displayed in the top right hand corner of the screen.


Tick the Active checkbox and the status badge in the top right corner of the screen changes from a red colored Inactive badge to a green colored Active badge. Remember to press [Save] for the changes to take effect.


A banner is displayed on the Configure Flow screen after making the change. Click the 'X' to close the banner.

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