An email can be sent to an email address notifying of a failure in the flow. The email address can be added to new and existing flows.

Prior to adding an email address to a flow, the From Email Address must be set up. This is found in the Notifications and Alerts section on the Company Settings Page.

Note: Notification email will not be sent successfully if From Email address is not set up in the Settings page.

How to Configure a From Email Address ?

  • Log in to application and go to Configuration from the main menu.

  • Select Settings.

  • Tick the Use custom From email address for notifications? checkbox.

  • Notification From Email Address text box appears on the screen.

  • Enter a From Email address and save your changes.


How to Add an email to a flow to receive notification when the flow fails

  • Create a new flow or go to an existing flow.

  • Go to Edit Flow Definition page and enter an email address in the Email Address to Notify on Error field.

  • Save your flow.


If this flow fails, notification will be sent to the email address provided in the Edit Flow Definition page.

Note: Only a single email address can be configured to receive failure notification.

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