You can duplicate ⚙⚙⚙ a flow by exporting it and importing it back into the same site. Or you can import it into another site.

  1. Go to configuration and flows. Select the flow you want to copy/export.

  2. Click on the ellipsis and select Export JSON

A JSON will be downloaded - you can open it in a text editor if you want, but it wont make too much sense.

3. Next, import it into the same site, or a different site. On the flows screen, click the Import button.

4. A dialog box appears. Upload the JSON you just downloaded.

Once the file is loaded, the page will refresh and you can see your new flow.

Imported Flow(s) will be created in inactive status, so you can control when they start to launch. (Go into the flow, select the version you want to activate and check the active checkbox 🔛).

Shoe sizes and matching fields

If you are importing a flow into a different site, the site needs to contain all the fields that the flow needs to work - for example, if the flow watches for a change in a 'Shoe Size' field, the site you are importing into will need to have the same 'Shoe Size' field 👢🥾.

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