This example shows how a flow can be used to save a document to a record.

Note: Save Document action type can only be added to flows with base entity with document storage ability.


Save Document to a Travel Request for Colombia. In order to accomplish this, we need to configure a flow which is triggered when a travel request to Colombia is submitted.

  • Log in to application.

  • Go to Configuration and select Flows.

  • Click on the New Flow button to create a flow.

Note: Automating Record Creation requires permission to view, edit and create flow.

  • Enter a name for your flow (required), Definition (optional) on the Flow Definition page and click the Save button.

  • Once the flow has been saved, click on the + sign to create a version.

  • Select a Launch Entity as Travel Destination, Launch Event as Field Updated and Trigger as Last Modified Date.

  • Click on New Step Button.

  • Enter a name for the step and save.

  • Add a rule to the newly created step:

    • Travel Destination - Destination Country - Country Name = Colombia (since we want to save document to travel request Colombia).

  • Click on the New Action Button and Select Save Document from the drop-down list.

  • Enter a name for the Action Type, select report to be attached from the Report drop -down and select a report type.

  • Save your changes

  • Activate the flow.

Note: You can only save document in the form of a report with merged template through a flow. Other documents or reports without merged document will not show up in the document drop-down


Use Case to trigger this flow:

  • Create a Travel Request with Destination to Columbia and submit.

  • This triggers the flow and saved document will attached to the travel request submitted for Columbia.

  • This document can be seen from the Travel Request summary page.

Note: Travel Request with Destination Country other than Columbia will not trigger the flow.


Note: Once an Action Type is created, it may not be deleted if it is used by other records.

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