This example shows how flow can be configured to send email automatically when certain condition is met.

After creating a flow, set a condition (Rule) for an action to trigger. After setting the condition, we need to attach an 'Email' action type to the flow.


Once Email Action type is selected from the drop-down list, you will be landed on the 'Email Action Definition page, where you need to provide details such as 'Action Name' so that this action is easily identified from other actions a flow may have along with 'From Address' , 'To Address' , 'Subject' and the 'Email Body'.

Note: Same Email Address can not be used in 'To Address' , 'CC' field; this results in termination of the flow.


Note: You can use static value (3) or dynamic value expression (5) in From Address, To Address, Subject and In Email body.

Note: Once an Action Type is created, it may not be deleted if it is used by other records.

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