This example shows how flow can be used to automatically update traveler's job title (from user profile).

An action to update data is added to this flow. Since no rule has been set up for this action, this flow does not check for any condition, just updates data whenever a Travel Destination is saved.


Update entity and update field (destination field) has been specified in the action along with the value expression. The purpose of this value expression is to provide the system path for the source field. In this example whenever travel destination is saved traveler's job title saved is their profile is updated in their travel request.


Update: When updating a field through a flow, user can select either a calculated value(previously known as Expression to dynamically generate value) or a Fixed Value. When Fixed Value is selected, the input box will inherit the target field data type.


In the above screenshot, the target field to be updated is a custom picklist field, so when 'Fixed Value' option is selected, the input field displays a drop-down list and user can select a value from the list to update the target field with.

Note: Update Data action type does not allow entity to be updated other than the launching entity. In order to update field(s) in other entity, we can use Set Variable action type in our flow.

Note: Once an Action Type is created, it may not be deleted if it is used by other records.

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