You can now use variables as a rule criteria in your flow rule steps. Variables need to be set in the flow in order to use it as a step rule criteria. Once a variable has been set in the flow, it show up on the drop down list.


When variable is selected as a step rule criteria it can utilize the same operator as fields being used in the step rule.

Note: User can use a combination of fields and variables in step rules.

Example : Using variable as Step Rule

This example shows how to set up a flow to send notification when your trip is 7 days long.

Create Flow with launching entity as Calendar Activity and launch event as Record Created.


Create step 1 to set up a variable to be used in another step as rule criteria


The screenshot below displays the variable set for this example.


Once the variable is set successfully, create another step. Click on the Step field , the drop down has option to select a field or the variable which was set in step 1.


Once the step rule is specified, an action type can be created. In this example a Notify action type was created.


Save your flow.

Now to trigger this flow create a travel activity which is 7 days long. Flow will be triggered and user will be received a notification that the trip is 7 days long.

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